Conference Programme

Day One will be dedicated to the International Outlook Conference

The International Outlook Conference will be focusing on the global picture, including our post-Brexit prospects and the international marketplace with invited guests from all over the world and will conclude with a Gala Dinner featuring entertainment and a high profile guest speaker.

Day Two, the Innovation Conference is provided free of charge to all English levy payers by AHDB Pork.

The Innovation Conference will combine discussion about some of the big industry issues, from antibiotics and animal health and welfare, with a detailed look at some of the technological advances taking place within the industry that could help pig businesses operate more effectively.

There will be an exhibition of industry stands and plenty of opportunity to network and socialise.

**Full Detailed Programme will be available in the New Year**


MSD Animal Health


IDT ECO Animal Health HIPRA Ceva Cargill Boehringer Ingelheim